• Comprehensive legal services in civil law
• Legal analyses and opinions as to contracts and other documents
• Legal advisory services and contractual administration concerning property rights (ownership transfers, right of retainer, right of lien, rights of users, etc.)
• Personality protection – legal means of protection against illegal infringements of personality rights of individuals and/or good reputation of legal entities
• Legal advisory services provided in consumer protection rights, withdrawal from contract, claims, etc.
• Comprehensive legal service in asserting rights by virtue of liability for damages or unjustified enrichment
• Comprehensive legal assistance in connection with inheritance matters and inheritance proceedings
• Legal services concerning obligational-legal relations – drawing up contracts of all kinds, both titled (such as purchase contracts, lease contracts, contracts for work, deeds of covenant, borrowing contracts, mandate contracts, etc.) and untitled to suit the client’s individual needs; elaboration and review of franchising contracts including related contracts
• Escrow services
• All our legal services also cover the processual side of the matter, i.e. representing clients in court, administrative and related proceedings, as well as in extrajudicial negotiations and conclusion of settlement agreements


• Comprehensive legal services concerning real estates
• Elaboration of documentation in connection with the sale and other legal disposal of real estates (such as easements, reconstructions, construction, co-ownership …)
• Elaboration of documentation in connection with leases of residential, office, commercial and industrial premises
• Construction law and legal advisory services in the matters of area planning and construction proceedings (including the solution of disputes arising during construction)
• Cadastral law (representing in proceedings before land registries)
• Comprehensive advisory services in implementation of developer projects
• Preparation of building owner’s declarations and related legal service
• Representing in court, administrative and related proceedings concerning real estates (such as actions for ownership right determination, actions for real estate eviction, etc.)


• Comprehensive legal services in business obligational relations
• Elaboration and review of contractual documentation
• Comprehensive legal and advisory services to entrepreneurs and business corporations in connection with their business activities
• Provision of legal services in corporate law (establishment of trading companies and cooperatives, preparation and provision for general meetings, changes in bodies of trading companies and cooperatives, increase or reduction of registered capital, liquidation of trading companies, provision of entry in the Commercial Register, preparation of service contracts, shareholder agreements, etc.)
• Provision of legal and advisory services in acquisitions and transformation of trading companies (mergers, divisions, capital transfer, change in legal form …)
• Execution of legal audits of trading companies
• Provision of legal services in economic competition and protection against unfair competition
• Registrations, changes, transfers and deletions of trademarks, representing clients before the Industrial Property Office, protection of rights under trademarks, licensing contracts
• Representing in enforcement of claims for damages and claims from unjustified enrichment
• Representing in court, arbitration and other proceedings (contentious proceedings, Commercial Register and trade authorization proceedings, etc.)


• Comprehensive defence in criminal cases
• Drawing up criminal complaints
• Provision of legal assistance in serving explanation or testimony
• Drawing up agreements in criminal proceedings
• Representing in negotiations for agreement on guilt and punishment
• Defending juveniles or child custody under the Youth Criminal Justice Act
• Defending convicts on probation, interruption of sentence, etc.
• Representing injured persons in criminal proceedings including application of claims for damages
• Representing involved parties


• Preparation of documents for notarial records modifying the extent (extension or reduction), administration and/or the time of establishment of statutory matrimonial property community
• Comprehensive legal service concerning divorce including related procedures of arrangement of the circumstances of infants before and after divorce
• Comprehensive legal services in the matter of settlement of the common property of spouses
• Legal assistance in connection with the application of so-called status rights (determination and denial of paternity) and with the application and exercise of parental rights (care of infants, representation of infants, administration of infants’ property, substitution of the consent of one of the parents by court, etc.)
• Legal assistance in connection with representation in proceedings for alimony increase, decrease, or payment, etc.


• General legal advisory services concerning the complete labour-law agenda
• Preparation and drawing up labour and managerial contracts, agreements for work out of employment relationship and other documents
• Preparation of documents for employment relationship termination
• Representing in court proceedings for determination of invalidity of employment relationship termination, application of claims from unlawful employment relationship termination
• Legal services relating to the ban on competition
• Damages ensuing from responsibilities of employees and employers
• Representing in proceedings before the Labour Inspectorate
• Judicial and extrajudicial solution of labour-legal disputes


• Advisory services in the interpretation of the public contracts law and in the tendering methods and procedures
• Elaboration of tender documentation and implementation contracts
• Elaboration of investor’s statement to objections filed
• Representing before the Office for the Protection of Competition within the procedure for review of investor’s steps
• Representing tenderers throughout the tendering procedure
• Elaboration of objections against investor’s decision on public contract assignment
• Participation in contractual negotiations and legal reviews and amendments of contracts concluded on the basis of tendering procedures
• Filing remedial instruments and representing in relevant proceedings
• Representing before the state administration and self-government bodies of all levels
• Representing within the administrative justice in the matter of judicial review of administrative decisions


• Representing the accused and the injured parties in offence proceedings, concerning especially traffic offences
• Legal analyses and opinions


• Provision of legal services to towns and municipalities, their allowance organizations, companies, and other subjects established by towns (municipalities) or those with town’s (municipality’s) ownership interests
• Representing towns and municipalities in lawsuits with third parties


• Comprehensive legal service in connection with the application of clients’ rights within civil lawsuits and representing clients before courts of all instances
• Representing clients in proceedings on ordinary and extraordinary remedies (including complaints to the Constitutional Court of the CR and to the European Court of Human Rights)
• Comprehensive legal service in connection with the application of clients’ rights and representing them in arbitration proceedings
• Comprehensive legal service in connection with the application of clients’ rights and representing them in distraint proceedings or in proceedings for the execution of a ruling (both creditors and debtors)
• Comprehensive legal service in connection with the application of clients’ rights and representing them in insolvency proceedings (both creditors and bankrupts)


• Provision of complete procedures in recovery of debts, assessment of debt recoverability, preparation of security institutes (security agreements, pledging, security notes, contractual penalties, notarial and distraint records with direct enforceability, etc.), pre-judicial phase of recovery (demand notes, debt acknowledgement, payment schedule agreements, settlement agreements), commencement of court and/or arbitration proceedings (with client representation in such proceedings) and provision of debt recovery through execution
• Provision of comprehensive legal services to clients in the position of a debtor
• Provision of legal services in connection with insolvency proceedings (legal advisory services, preparation of an insolvency proposal, preparation of an application for receivables, representing creditors and bankrupts in insolvency proceedings, clearing off debts)
• Comprehensive legal advisory services in the matters relating to promissory notes, filing a proposal for issuing a debt payment order and representing in such proceedings


• Organization of workshops for the commercial sphere and for clients
• Deposits
• Provision of extracts from registers
• Authorized conversion of documents
• Signature authentication
• Mediation of services of renowned tax advisers, experts, notaries public, auditors, interpreters, detectives, etc.